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Brokers and Agents: Key Differences

When you are looking to advance your career in the real estate industry, you need to understand what some of those positions entail. The main ones happen to be those of a real estate agent and a broker. You will hear most references assuming they are the same position some of their duties may overlap, thus the reference, but they are two different positions. It is important to find out what those differences are.

You need to first consider what it is they do. A real estate agent at tasked with representing the sellers and buyers, handling price negotiations, marketing the houses, and looking for leads. They normally are the face of the selling process, since they are heavily involved in it. A broker, on the other hand, is tasked with managing a business, hiring and training agents, handling any disputes between agents, record keeping and reviewing their contracts. They also have the choice to assume the responsibilities of the agents in terms of facilitating the buying and selling of property. When you observe these roles, it becomes clear that a broker is an agent’s employer, or serves one step higher than the agent. Therefore, thinking that becoming a broker is a natural next step for an agent is not far-fetched.

Brokers also have more chances of advancing their careers. They are normally classified as an associate broker, managing real estate broker, and designated real estate broker. An associatebroker will work for another broker as an agent but make more than an agent. The managing real estate broker handled a group of agents or brokers. They will oversee their daily operations. The designated real estate broker runs a company. They are in charge of everything that goes on in there. They can hire a managing broker to be positioned a step lower than them, for litigation purposes. Look for a broker sponsorship in texas here!

You need to also look at the personalities involved. Normally, a real estate agent needs to be a people person, to manage their job. They will be interacting with them on a daily basis and dealing with their issues, emotions, decisions, uncertainties, joys, sorrows, and all that in the purchases process. Brokers have to be more entrepreneurial, more analytical, and more focused on the management side of the business, as opposed to agents who are more into the marketing side of things.

Brokers will make more money than agents, as the organization structure and job descriptions show. They will have something more along the lines of a salary, while agents will thrive more on commissions.

It is clear that there are more work and education involved in becoming a broker than an agent, but it rewards more than being an agent. There is a way you can head straight to the broker pool, in a more efficient and effective manner. You shall read more about it on this site. For more insights regarding real estate, visit

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